Twin Willow Gardens

Kat & Jonathan were married on May 26th, 2019 at the most beautiful venue – Twin Willow Gardens in Snohomish, Washington. You can check them out here. When we spoke on our phone consult Immediately, I knew that they were going to be so much fun to work with and be the life of the party on their wedding day. Turns out, I was not wrong! These two define what it means to be happy and to be in love. I am so excited to share my favorite images from their wedding day! 

Before we get in to everything, just take a look at this stunning ceremony space first. Married in the trees? Nothing screams PNW wedding like an intimate forest setting. Take a look for yourself.

The wedding venue featured a forested ceremony space.

Anyways, on to the wedding day…

When I arrived in the morning I captured Kat, Jonathan and their bridal party members getting ready. In the heart of the venue property are two adorable tiny homes that act as getting ready suites. This is so great because a) these spaces are super cute and filled with light and b) it made my job as a photographer very easy because I was able to bounce back and forth between both houses very quickly. Here is a look at how the morning played out-

A wedding dress hanging on the outside the venue's wedding suite.
A bride with her friends laughing in robes inside the wedding venue's bridal suite.
Groom's shoes and wedding accessories - including a topographical tie.
Jonathan loves the outdoors and found a great way to showcase that on his wedding day. I’m obsessed with his tie! It is a topographic map of his favorite area.
The groom getting dressed for the ceremony in the venue's groom suite.
The bride getting into her wedding dress with the help of her family and close friends.
The brides friends smiling and watching her get into her dress.
The brides mom says a prayer over the wedding
A prayer from mom.
The bride and her dad walking down the aisle to the ceremony.
Jon & the bridal party walked through the regular ceremony entrance for the processional. When it came for Kat to come down, she surprised everyone by walking down a trail through the twin willow woods, arm-in-arm with her dad. Seeing her walking down the aisle surrounded by the forest, was definitely a sight to see.
The groom holds back tears during the ceremony at Twin Willow Gardens.
the ceremony space at twin willow gardens
The couple exchanges wedding rings.
The couple shares their first kiss in the forest of Twin Willow Gardens
The bride and groom happily walk down the venue aisle after saying "I do".
The couple exchanges an emotional hug at the venue's wedding suite following the ceremony.
Group photo of the couple and their wedding guests posing for a silly photo.
A two tiered wedding cake with a topper that says the couples new last name.
Twin Willow Gardens wedding reception decor.
Guests play Jenga on the venue lawn.
The bride and groom share a glance during an emotional toast
A first dance on the Twin Willow Gardens lawn
The bride and groom cut the wedding cake.
The bride smashes cake into the grooms face at Twin Willow Gardens
Bride gets ready to throw her bouquet in the direction of the wedding reception tent.
Two bridesmaids tackle each other over the bouquet toss.
The bride is on the dance floor with guests.
Guests dance like crazy at the wedding reception.
The groom and his good friend dance and sing in front of a bubble machine.
This Twin Willow Gardens wedding comes to a close with a sparkler send off by the venue's dance floor.

And that brings us to the end. I am so thankful these two trusted me to photograph their wedding. This will forever go down as one of my all time favorites because of the pure love and joy these two radiated. I think it is very important to remember what really matters on your wedding day, especially during the stress of planning: have fun, enjoy all of the little moments, and remember why you’re there – you and your partner fell in love, grew that love, and decided to share that love with all of your closest family and friends. Because nothing else really matters at the end of the day.

Planning your own Twin Willow Gardens wedding? I would LOVE to chat with you.

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